Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nine Weddings In Twelve Months!

This past year I was extremely blessed to partake in nine of my friends’ weddings. I love seeing how the Lord can bring 2 amazing godly people together and create an awesome team to bring Him glory. I can honestly say that each one of my friends that got married this past year are truly seeking Him. I believe that each one of them can serve the Lord better together than apart. I’m so thankful for my friends!

Laura Sampson and Sean Townsend
August 5, 2007
(Journey friends)

Becky Smith and Chris Kiser
November 24, 2007
(Becky-my best friend since I was 3 years old)

Shayna Whiteside and Andrew Brown
March 1, 2008
(Journey friends)

America Lentz and Logan Warren
March 29, 2008
(Journey friends and 2-steppin buddies)

Jen Kight and Jeff Spencer
April 12, 2008
(Journey friends-I wasn't able to attend the Spencer wedding because I was riding in the MS150 bike ride, so I technically didn't attend, but I would like to think I was there in spirit)

Jaime Stoekel and Travis Ledford
May 10, 2008
(Journey friends)

Karley Mangrum and Victor Gudalupe
May 17, 2008

(knew Karley in college but grew closer through Journey)

Emily Rincon and Josh Saavedra

July 5, 2008

(met Emily at HBU through education classes and Phi Lamb)

Mary Cady and Eric Lowers
August 2, 2008
(Mary & I attended FUMC youth group and later became roommates)

I believe that's all the weddings I have scheduled for 2008, well unless... I have a special one coming up in January 2009-Mel and David. I'm super excited for them too. It will be a great start for 2009 weddings :).

*After catching the bouquet at Becky's wedding and Shayna's wedding I decided to make a fun little game out of all the weddings I was privileged to attend. I thought it would be fun to see how many bouquets I could catch out of the eight I attended. Out of eight weddings I caught 3 bouquets, and was really close to catching 2 others. Well, we shall see if the superstition is true... ;)