Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finished My 2nd Year!

My second year was harder than my first year in so many different ways. Just to list a few: taught 3 subjects with 6 classes, but I had 4 demanding classes instead of 2 demanding classes. These students were needy emotionally and academically; coached Cross Country; new principal in the middle of the year; new administrators; new systems and policies in place in the middle of the year...

Okay, so I don't want to leave on that note. I'm thankful I survived. There were a lot of great things that happened this year too. Just to list a few: 8th graders received 95% passing score on the Social Studies TAKS test; 12 students were commended (only missed 2 to 3 questions); came home crying about 3 times the entire year instead of 3 times each month; coached Cross Country to amazing girls; students actually liked me and learned something; better classroom management; new school is being built; connected with several girls; I was able to share my faith several times...

I'm looking forward to next year. It will be my 3rd year teaching Middle School Social Studies. However, I will only be teaching 7th and 8th next year. They are reworking how Middle School is run. I'm so thankful because that means I will not have to prep for 3 subjects and 6 classes with 140 students. It will be more manageable and I can do a much better job with the changes. I'm looking forward to being really good at what I'm teaching because I only have to prepare for 2 subjects.

I'm also very excited about this summer. I have decided not to teach summer school this year because I need to desperately recover. My brother, Chris, just got married this past April to Nikki Little. They are so happy. They are moving to Colorado next week. I have the privledge to join them on the 18 hour road trip and stay and vacation for several days in Colorado. I'm excited to get away and enjoy a little bit of bonding with Chris and Nikki and then some much needed alone time with my God.

Praise the Lord for His strength in difficult times, and His grace and peace through times of despair!