Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rio de La Plata and More...

Hoy fuimos a visitar Rio de La Plata...sorry I'm starting to get use to speaking Spanish here and my first response is Spanish, even typying.

Take 2: Today we went to visit "Rio de La Plata, " a river here in Buenos Aires. Mi Tio Ale took the day off of work to drive us around. He took us to the most beautiful part of Buenos Aires. The streets were full of people, the shops were super fancy, the streets were paved with stones, the houses were ancient but built with such beauty, the trees limbs shaded the streets, the artisans filled the beautiful parks...the tour was trully bellisima. We ate at a coffee shop and shopped at the artisan's tents.

We came home and ate the best Argentinian pizza (made by a sweet old couple that are in there 90s) and mom's delicious soup. I'm afraid I will be returning to Houston with at least 10 lbs on me. Well maybe, Tia is telling me that we are going to go walking. Anyway, I will let the pictures do the talking this time... I'm sorry that pictures really don't do the beauty justice, but I guess it will have to do for now :)

Tia y yo

Rio de la Plata

Mom, Dad, y Tio Ale

Rio de la Plata

Sigue La Vaca (meat is a big deal here Argentina)

apartments in Rio de la Plata (near Martinez)

Jose Martin statue with a juggler on the street

Mom & Dad

Tio Ale y yo

Shopping Center near Martinez (wealthier part of Buenos Aires)

artisan tents

San Isidro Cathedral

orange tree

beautiful houses

work of art
(look closely at the message: solo Dios basta/Only God is enough)

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