Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Will Wait For You

I know it's been a while since I have shared my thoughts with you, blog world, but the Lord has been doing a great work in me and I can't help but share it.

The following YouTube video explains my hearts desire perfectly.

Amen! I get goose-bumps when I hear this. I pray, ladies, that this would be a huge encouragement to you as it has been for me. There are some truths in this clip that may ring true. It sure has made an impact on me.

I feel so encouraged about this perspective. No more dating men who have the "first name Luke and last name Warm". I will know you are him because "when you speak your wisdom will remind me of Solomon's wisdom, your ability to lead will remind me of Moses, your faith will remind me of Abraham, your confidence in God's word will remind me of Daniel, your inspiration will remind me of Paul, your heart for God will remind me of David, your attention to detail will remind me of Noah, your integrity will remind me of Joseph, the ability to abandon your own will will remind me of the disciples, but your ability to love me selflessly and unconditionally will remind me of Christ. But I won't need to identify you with any special Matthew's or any special Mark's because His word will be tattered all over your heart."

I have been praying for a heart that is so vulnerable and open to the Lord's will. I feel for the first time in my entire life that no man can ever satisfy me. The Lord is my satisfaction. I know the right godly man for me will only complete what God has planned for my life, not complete me, but His will. I desire to go where God goes, stay where He stays, move where He moves...if this life I lose I will follow. I will serve Him as I wait. I will not worry as I wait because I serve the author of time and a God that gives good gifts to his children. He does not give a stone when we ask for bread nor does he give us a snake when we ask for fish (Luke 11:11). He is the giver of good gifts and gives them to whom he loves (Romans 8:38).

But as I wait, I pray you will find me with the "boldness of Esther, warm closeness of Ruth, with the hospitality of Lydia, a submission of Mary, engulfed in the tears of a praying Hannah, I will be the one drenched in Proverbs 31. Waiting for you!"

It is my heart's desire to find a man that is godly to serve with, to love, to witness with... but oh Father only if you see fit! If you call me to a life of singleness, then may I glorify you in it.

This is my heart's desire...I surrender! I will wait for you Lord more than the watchmen wait for the morning (Psalm 130:6). I WILL WAIT!


Chef Mama Lori said...

Paula, praying God will bless you with contentment as you not only wait on His will, but LIVE His will daily. God has given you a tender heart for service and nurturing, and He is using you to do that for your kids daily. They aren't your flesh and blood, but they are yours for those hours each day. I've loved watching you grow up & now grow in the Lord! You encourage me!

Paula said...

Thanks Aunt Lori! I really appreciate the encouragement!

Melanie said...

Paula, I LOVE this! I like the part where she says not to worry about our biological clocks because we serve the Author of time! :)