Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wizard of Love

Summit (Houston's First Baptist Single Department) just had their annual retreat. They usually plan a late night show on Saturday filled with skits. This year the theme was Summit Night Live (mimicking Saturday Night Live). Our class did a skit that imitated Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan's What is love? (I'm not sure if this is the name of the skit, but the song sings, "What is love, baby don't hurt me no more..."). It was real fun to be a part of the class skit and a blast to watch other classes participate.

So, all the planning and acting for this year made me think of the skit I participated in 2008 at the Summit Retreat. It was called Wizard of Love. Check it out:

I look back at it now and it cracks me up, especially since I have the eHarmony background knowledge. I'm so thankful for my community...good times! :)

P.S. If they filmed our skit this year, I'll be delighted to share...stay tuned.

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